High quality aluminium windows in Bristol

Aluminium windows are popular with home and business owners who want a high-performing, thermally efficient window that has great aesthetics and an excellent life span.

Aluminium: the perfect window material

Aluminium is incredibly robust, long lasting and energy efficient and this makes it an ideal material from which to construct a window frame. An excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, aluminium windows are relatively light compared to other materials and easy to install.

At Sandison, we offer a range of high performance aluminium windows, guaranteed to suit a range of properties, applications and needs.

Competitive prices, quality products

We strive to deliver incredibly competitive prices on all of our aluminium windows. Whether you’re a homeowner, an installer or an architect, our friendly team of experts are on hand to give you guidance.

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Casement windows

Alitherm 300

Casement window

Suitable for light use purposes in domestic, commercial and new build applications, the Alitherm 300 features a polyamide thermal break, which improves the overall U Value of the window profile allowing it to achieve an ‘A’ rating.


  • An enhanced system designed to comply with the revisions to the Building Regulations Document L 2010
  • Profiles feature an extended Polyamide thermal break that allows improve thermal performance
  • Option of ovollo, chamfered or square edge profiles
  • Single or dual colour, marine quality polyester powder coat as standard


  • Aluminium Polyamide
  • Thermal break
  • Profiles width: 53mm
  • WER A Rating


Tilt and turn

Tilt and turn windows

Eco Futural

eco futural

A versatile range of high performance windows, the Eco Futural is suitable for use as tilt and turn, pivot and fixed window making it an incredibly practical product. Featuring thermal barriers and available with double and triple glazing options, the Eco Futural is incredibly thermally efficient and perfect for increasing the energy efficiency of a property.


  • Designed to comply with revisions to Document L in 2010
  • All sections feature Polyamide thermal barriers and are contemporarily styled with square edge profiles
  • Available in dual colour
  • Successfully weather tested to BS 6375 Part 1


  • Double glazing U Value: 1.3 W/m²k
  • Triple glazing U Value: 1.0 W/m²k
  • BS 7950 part 1 security tested
  • BS 6375 part 1 weather tested



Sliding windows

Slide 2000

vertical slide vs600

The Slide 2000 is a horizontal sliding window, ideal for light commercial use, such as external serving hatches in restaurants. With dual colour options and potentially limitless width options, the Slide 2000 is a perfect choice for a whole range of properties.


  • Glazing widths such as 24mm, 28mm or 32mm available
  • Dual colour option available
  • Single point locking


  • U Value 1.6 W/m²K
  • Max sash weight: 200kg
  • Max sash height: 2100mm
  • Min sash height: 1000mm
  • Max sash width: providing the sashes are within the above limitations there is no maximum width


Fully reversible

Fully reversible windows

Alitherm 700 Reversible

A modern solution for the replacement of fully reversible top swing windows, the Alitherm 700 improves natural ventilation and is ideal for high-rise buildings where external access is restricted. Available in dual colours, the Alitherm 700 is powder coated for improved weathering.


  • Fully reversible
  • Polyester powder organic coating to BS 6496: Anodised to BS 3987
  • Dual colour option available
  • Enhanced natural ventilation
  • Internally beaded vents suitable for either cockspur or shoot-bolt locking
  • Suitable for use with chain-operators, operated either individually or as part of an integrated automated solution for building climate control


  • Aluminium Polyamide
  • U Value of 1.6 W/m²K
  • BS EN 1026:2000 Air Permeability 600Pa
  • BS EN 1027:2000 Watertight to 600Pa
  • BS EN 12211:2000 Resistance to Wind Load 2400Pa


Vertical sliding

Vertical sliding windows


vertical slide vs600

A true innovation in window technology, the VS600 vertical sliding window combines the traditional style of sash windows with the thermal advantages of a modern aluminium profile. Perfect for improving the ventilation of a property, the VS600 is the perfect blend of traditional design with modern materials and technology.


  • Traditional sash window styling
  • Thermal aluminium profile


  • Aluminium Polyamide
  • U Value of 1.6W/m²K
  • ‘B’ WER
  • Glazing option of 28mm



Heritage windows

Alitherm Heritage 47

heritage 47

The ideal window for use in heritage properties where planning constraints need to be considered, the Aluitherm Heritage 47 combines slim sightlines with attractive contours to create a window ideal for replacing old steel counterparts.


  • Single or double door formats available
  • Low U values give great thermal performance
  • Tape or gasket glazed
  • Multipoint locking for added security
  • Dual colour options available
  • Powder coating finish in any RAL colour


  • Aluminium Polyamide
  • Thermally broken
  • 1.6 W/m²K
  • Glazing options: 24mm to 32mm
  • BS6375 part 1 weather tested